Crystaline Courses

Oh Crap

Suddenly, Death! Thousands of it!

Everybody Died.

After being going to the Hall of Jobs for a job, Our brave warriors were told to go Find a dastardly menace in the undead section of The Platinum City. Yenator seemed to disappear as did Cassidy, worst of all, with Zeth’s wolf. After a brief round of searching they found nothing, and decided to begin the mission.

After a brief bout of getting lost in the alleyways, the party came across a hold of Undead dogs, and some sort of Two-headed super dog. After a difficult battle, the dogs prevailed, Killing most of the party in the process, Only Telos and Ked Survived. Telos is lost in the undead ward, wondering around fighting to survive, while Ked has escaped, and is attempting to find someone to fetch him the corpse hammer.



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